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20/1/09 – Je je ni mo joko – me and my sleep driving self. I’d arrived Court early and chose to wait my turn by seating it out in my car. Why not, wasn’t I was No. 7 on the Cause list?

Road still far, or so I thought!

There I was, armed with all my evidence – proof that I left paid employment legit – just in case Almighty PENCOM had proof I hadn’t heard of – e.g. a Video of me fleeing the ever grasping embrace of a doting employer (laughs).

But that was not to be?

My lawyer and one other located me. They admonished I leave my evidence behind as my matter was not quite as it used to be… an out-of-court settlement was the new way…was I game?


To be on the safe side, my terms and conditions were routed through to both defendants within 1 week of the Court directive.

Not too long after that, we all got a chance to talk, some more than others, but we talked; and throughout this talking session, not once was I advised of my penchant to forget ‘…small details… or, more troubling, my tendency to sleep-drive. Not until yesterday.

So, for almost 10+ months, my PFA who knew me so well hid this important exonerating detail – even when I uttered such calamitous words?  – Very kind people.

Me, sleep-drive for 30 minutes straight?

I don’t think so.

The paper-trail from 20/12/06 – 9/11/07 is as follows:-

20/12/06 – I filed a request for the release of 25% of my savings with the local office of my PFA at 1st Artillery in Port Harcourt

Since proof of my post-employment status was a requirement, a copy of my employer’s acceptance letter was attached to my written application.

21/2/07 – a copy of my Passport was filed with my PFA in Port Harcourt – my bank a/c details were also reflected thereon.

About early November, I and others like me got a text message. The message from our PFA requested that we visit its local office with:-

a)   a copy of last Pay slip
b)   a passport-sized photograph

Having mentioned that my employer only issued e-copies of Pay slips, my PFA agreed to accept a copy of my Letter of Appointment instead.

9/11/07: A copy of my letter of employment was filed alongside the requisite passport photograph. No other documents were filed because I wasn’t asked to file any other.

10 months after I started raising dust, my PFA graciously advises that:

i) on 10/10/07, I filed a fresh copy of my 20/12/06 letter with its Port Harcourt office.

ii) less than a month later (on 9/11/07), because I just loved its interiors, I returned with a copy of my employer’s Acceptance of Resignation letter and, a passport-sized photo.

Some one’s been eating a lot of Smarties…

But seriously, if you were that smart, in the name of all you hold dear:-

a)   when are you going to file your Statements of defense?
b)   Why have you kept this exonerating piece of information under wraps until now?
c)   Why attend a settlement meeting if there was nothing to settle?

Another thing, CAMA requires that a corporate office is properly identified by its company name. But since January, I noticed that your signpost/name has been taken down. Was it …a thunder storm or street football?

Stuff happens – even at the 1st artillery axis.

You may want to chat with your Oceanic Bank neighbor – ask them about the guys who put up their sign post/name.

But then again, if it is an office move, do tell.



POINT OF CORRECTION (updated 18/3/09):

Yesterday, I located my file copy of a letter dated 10/10/07.

This letter –which was addressed to my PFA, was furnished as an update to the information I had already filed with it.

My letter dated 20/10/06 was listed on the face of this 1-paged letter as an ATTACHMENT thereto.

Q: What does this mean?

a) on 10/10/07, I visited and filed a letter (to update my records) with my PFA.

b) My letter dated 20/10/06 was specifically identified and filed as an ATTACHMENT to the letter of 10/10/07.

c) Following from the above, my PFA’s claim that I gave it an additional copy of my 20/12/06 letter is not incorrect.

What they have not said is that the document (stamp-marked 10/10/07 & 12/10/07 respectively) was the second page of the 2 paged document I filed on 10/10/07.

Going by the multiple endorsements on the ATTACHMENT, it would be interesting to confirm that the primary document has as many.

This document has since been filed with my lawyer.

About the document stamp-marked 9/11/07: This document did not originate from me, and I refuse to take ownership of its grainy and very broken text.

Who wants to doubt the scion of such an impeccable union – IBTC/STANDARD BANK. Thankfully, because justice wears a blindfold, it can’t quite see the impeccable antecedents of this ‘…darling (?) creation.

However, PENCOM honestly (?) believes that the 2004 Act authorizes it to tamper with my Constitutional right of choice. In fact, dis source of all overriding power (aka the 2004 PENCOM Act), also authorizes them to override its provisions.

So again, we (at the tax payers’ expense) will allow the Judiciary tell them what they already know.

Actually…, I was mindful to talk about forgeries, so here goes.


According to the records my PFA so graciously released to me – copies of which were forwarded to STANBIC-IBTC Pensions and PENCOM in the 2nd quarter 1987,

a) my letter dated 20/12/06 was actually received on 12/10/07, whilst the copy of my Employer’s Letter of Acceptance was received on 9/11/07.

But now, going by my PFA’s updated version of the facts, I submitted:-

b) second copies of both documents on 12/10/7 and 9/11/07 respectively.

Okay, that being the case why does the document (stamp marked 9/11/07) have such a grainy appearance?

Is this because the former document was copied from the original, whilst the latter was copied from an updated photocopy of the scanned document that I filed on 20/12/06?  Those of us who have tried to use photocopies of photocopied documents would understand.

As for me, if my PFA had requested a copy of my Employer’s Acceptance letter, I would have printed them a copy from my Computer.

Then, their updated version of what happened would fly. Not to worry, allz well that ends well so:-

a) the photocopy of my Passport (stamp-marked Feb 2007) is clear proof that I visited before 12/10/07.

b) The Acceptance of Resignation letter (stamp-marked 20/12/07), confirms that my PFA received my documentation on 20/12/06 and not some strange date in October and/or November 2007.

c) The grainy document – with its fragmented text (stamp-marked 9/11/07) did not come from me.

d) Stamp marks are as dependable as the hand that authorises them.


You cannot fool with my mind.


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