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the colours are bright and shining
the crowd crazy and compounding
the carnival fiery and confusing
ladies half-nude women and girls
bare-breasted and beautiful
flauntingly roaming the streets
booze-boys in sagging pants and knickers whistling in bewilderment


it’s the season
the pastor’s cup is full and filled with both rich and poor’s offerings
halleluiah rings in the air like crazy chorus of ‘ori o 4kasibe’
old hags and yuppies’ romps occupy the cathedral space
young clique of choir break dance in their alloted corner
rapping their praisesongs in the most accomplished hip-hop style
it’s the season filled with the disease of abandonment
and merriment all for the lord’s sake and birth
would he approve?

it’s boisterous and fearful
as motor park touts, agberos, conductors, drivers
and other official hooligans unite to celebrate the new year
and xmas
broken bottles of green bottles mingling with torn satchets of chelsea drinks
shouts of ‘chelsea for millionaires’ and ‘gunners for life’ rend the air
as men orgiastically drag women from the backsides
and women lustfully throwing themselves to them
on top of stationary automobile bonnets, boots and backseats
realities of coitus surpass the wildest imaginations
thick thick smoke of tobacco and banger pollute the already damaged atmosphere

the church’s cacophonous chorus flirts freely with the area deejay’s ghetto blaster tunes
‘4kasibe’ caresses ‘seven days of xmas’ in the most sacrilegious style
as pastor and his wife assistant pastor take to the dance-floor urging more money
to be be donated in the tray and basin being passed around
on the streets, ‘shepe’ flows freely everyone giving and sharing
it’s the xmas spirit it’s the xmas season
a young boy teases a young girl on the tip of her nipple
tonight provides a perfect period of puberty to be fast tracked

somewhere nowhere the nativity is portrayed
hapless helpless baby jesus looks on in vain
a baby bastardized and brought to shame on a birthday
is this the same mighty lord of lords?
clergymen shrug their shoulders…and say ‘let’s just celebrate’
‘ogun-lakaiye osunmole’ a masquerade-like man blabs
spitting incantations meaningful and meaningless endlessly before
unwilling recipients and on-lookers
iya-osun too was present in white buba and iro with worn-out beads round
the neck to match
‘osun a gbe wa o’ she enthuses

the aladura the alufa and the lemomu
struggle in prayers to bestow blessing on the new year
prophesying in public what they all claimed to have heard in private
january 1 2011 looks on speechlessly as the wanton rape of its before-existence
the prophecies are numerous with each month
january to december having its fair share of woes and wins
‘but as for you’ the alufa, the aladura, the aboruboye speak
as they gaze into their crystal-ball of lies and deceptions
‘calamities shall before you’
battered 2010 gaunt and breathless looks on in disbelief
that these ones are doing to the next year what they’ve done to her

shameless prostitutes of paradise
insatiable like the depth of sheol…




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