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you may not know
that the vulture’s brain is clairvoyant
that the tortoise’s cracked back
is a hard nut to crack
even in the whistling howl of whirlwind
where you play
your mother’s voice is rasping

you may not know
till you are gone
that you are nothing but the thick smoke
coming after the bullet of a firing pistol
that the barking dog can sing
especially when its owner has a benevolent hand

you may not know
why would you
how could you
you may not know because you put your heart
too close to your tongue
you may not know because your shelter is in darkness
no ray, no hope – you dwell in the delusion of drowsiness

you may not know
that this space once belonged to you and i
that a live coal will always beget cold, impotent ash
no fire burns for ever except christendom’s hellfire
the embers fanned by their unchristlike doctrine

you may not know
and that’s why i am here
to raise your hand across your other ear
while you are far away, i am here
true i took a long sabbatical but am back
to let you know things you may not know

you may not know
that the hands that write also writhe
the minds that muse also mourn
but in all these absences
i “tanda-gidigba” like the ancient “iroko”
never mind the empty boast
for when a man is empty
he shouts the most

you may not know
that it’s tough, it’s troubling
to be away from the place
you call home and future
you may not know that a dry throat
can still produce mellifluous melody

you may not know
the kind of log that fuels my fire
but this is it!


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