In ANYTHING on November 24, 2010 at 2:07 pm

Sex With You Is…

lies are like star dust
blindfold that shields our minds
with you stolen kisses are sweetest
at one stray nudge
you set my world on fire
with you sex is…

we both drink from illicit cisterns
our cups are full and always empty
our garden is filled with forbidden fruits
let’s eat, let’s eat
we have no much time

here lie the litters of our lust
with lascivious lips we smooch the embers
of our burning desires
stolen kisses are sweetest
as they leave us insatiable
let’s steal some more
with you sex is…

without you adventure
is a meaningless venture
please tell
were you created for this purpose?
no wife’s passion matches yours
no filial feelings fly higher than this

steal me away eternally
from this home drab and dreamless
kidnap me from this clueless half
hijack me from these indulgent kids
and imprison me in your unbounded bosom
feed me
in the saliva of your stolen kisses
with you sex is…

run away
come to our tryst
let him experience the dea(r)th of you
subject him to wintry nights
as we tip-toe our way
up to cloud nine

if you’re reading this
it is a terminal note
sex with you is disease
sharing a glittering doom
let’s not tell
our clueless halves
neither our helpless kids
life for us is hopeless

sex is sweet
when it’s stolen
it’s sinful
with you sex is my death.


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