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Adjective of Our Adverbial Past

In ANYTHING on April 5, 2011 at 12:09 pm

the signpost of our dim and distant past
the adjective of our adverbial past tense
exhumed in the communion of  our unrestrained cerebration

long-long time ago
when fowls were fouled
in the cesspit of our collective cauldron
no bird flu, bird flight
could deny our munching laughters

before we ‘gree
we were unity of disharmony
like a provocative preposition
in obstruction of a seemingly simple sentence

long before the four of them were to be immortals
aha, when a cyber-idol becomes too proud
it’s shown from which entrance it should exit

when it was midnight to past tense
the intrusive, obstructive future tense
interrupted the glee of our gang
who didn’t know
afternoon wasn’t only asking for the morning’s head?

despair was the middle name of tomorrow
since hope was dashed in ’93
now with umbrella over our hungry heads
brooms in our handicapped hands
rotten corns in our abject baskets
are you telling us there’s a present past
in this past participle of pains?

we spoke in simple grammar
now we speak in the future tense
of proverbial obscurity

time and tide wait for no one
right now
with the right click
pressing the vital button here or there
we can pause time in its arrogant stride

we used to be mates
but in the divisiveness of time
we’re separated
one from the other…

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