Hackers Attack UN Server

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United Nations gets hacked

                    Team Poison penned document posted online
HACKERS at Team Poison have posted data from the United Nations and called it out for supporting corrupt organisations.

Passwords and login details belonging to staff at the UN were posted to Pastebin, along with criticism of the organisation and a dig at its security workers.

“The question now is… how?… We will let the so called ‘secutiy experts’ over at the UN figure that out…,” the message says, “Have a Nice Day.” Details about approximately 1,000 UN staff have been posted by the hackers.

Graham Cluley, security expert at Sophos said that they were likely to have come from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), UNICEF, World Health Organisation (WHO) and other groups.

A Senate for Global Corruption, the United Nations sits to facilitate the introduction of a New World Order and a One World Government,” reads the introduction. “The UN is a fraud! The bureaucratic head of NATO used to legitimise the Barbarism of Capitalist elite! United Nations, why didnt you expect us?”

A report at the BBC says that the UN has taken down the compromised server. We are waiting for confirmation from the UN itself, but the hackers suggested that this was not the case.

“ima let the #UnitedNations think they theyve took the hacked server down lmfao……”, reads a follow-up tweet from the Team Poison account.

Source: The Inquirer (

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