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Incestuous man fathered daughter‘s sons

A court has convicted a 69-year-old man of incest, coercion and bodily harm against his daughter, with whom he fathered three children.

The daughter stayed silent for more than 30 years because she feared for her life after her father – whom she described as violent – said he would kill her if she spoke out.

German news agency dapd reported that the state court in the southern German city of Nuremberg sentenced the man, identified only as Adolf B, to two years and eight months in jail.

“Prosecutors had sought a 14-year sentence and convictions on 497 counts of alleged rape over 34 years, beginning when the daughter was 12,” The Guardian reported.

“However, the presiding judge, Heydn Gunther, said there was insufficient evidence of violence to sustain the rape charges, and too many contradictions in the testimony of the daughter.”

The court acquitted the man of rape charges, ruling that the sexual acts were consensual.

The 46-year-old daughter came forward in March and accused her father of having forced her into sexual contacts when she was about 13.

“Only in 2010, when the daughter was charged with extortion and assigned a probation officer, did she report the alleged rape,” The Guardian said.

Renate B gave birth to three handicapped sons, two of whom have died.

Adolf B claimed other men had fathered the children.

He denied the prosecution‘s claims that he forced his daughter to have sex with him at knifepoint. He said his daughter was a “willing participant”.

Renate B’s lawyer, Andrea Kuehne, said her client was “shocked and furious” at her father’s denials.

The prosecution said Adolf B was known locally for his aggression – especially when he had been drinking – and that he viewed his daughter as “his property”.

Adolf B’s wife said she knew nothing about the abuse.



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