Living An Unsubsidised Life In Nigeria Today

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SEASONS JUST PASS – by Bayo Akinloye

seasons just pass
without reasons
like a babe i still muse
over treason
defying prisons

momma was pledged
better life for rural women
she was ruled out
even without reason
wasn’t that treason?

poppa promised
poverty eradication program
but was programmed
yes for retrenchment
wasn’t that poverty commencement program
that doesn’t make life easy?

seasons just pass
without reason
better life turns bend-down life
poverty eradication program
now penury elongation pogrom

starting a new season
everyone’s shivering
cost of living increasing
many still craving
thieves thieving
labourers laboriously labouring
terrorists terrorizing
traders tremulously trading

seasons just pass
without reasons
nothing good seems pleasing.

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