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I’m Focused, Loyal and Friendly –Toni Payne
”I don’t do personal questions!” was Toni Payne’s response to initial request for an interview. Not an unexpected retort from a young woman who had endured a plethora of bad press. But, there’s much beauty and bliss about the person of Toni than any interview can reveal; or any bad press can tarnish. In this interview, Iyalariya, as Toni is fondly called, cautiously fielded questions from Bayo Akinloye.

Exactly who is Toni Payne?


Toni Payne is a simple person; I am a business woman, mother, daughter, friend and so much more. Toni Payne, contrary to a lot I’ve read about myself, is exact opposite of the misconceptions about me. I am focused, loyal and friendly.

How would you describe or define the Nigerian fashion and entertainment (particularly music) industries – are you sure the players are really ripe for the international market?


The Nigerian entertainment industry is growing fast by the day. Just like a child there is still a lot to be learned. We are almost ready for the international market. I say almost because we still need to get the legalities of these industries right. We also need to improve on the technical aspects, but on the creative front, the true players can compete anytime any day with their counterparts abroad.

What project(s) are you working on now?


Right now I am working on several things:  a reality TV show with Reel TV. The focus is on the life of a working mother. I am working on an online Nigerian radio station called Toni Payne Mobile Radio. It can be found on I am also working on an online magazine with a different twist. I am still doing music consulting and currently doing PR for the artiste Dencia and still managing Adol.

What really happened between you, Zara and Olamide – they’re no longer under your management?


It’s all love. We are one family.


Tell me, what’s been your most exciting moment managing an artiste?

There have been many, but I love seeing my acts perform on stage, that is very exciting.

How will you describe your wardrobe?

My wardrobe is very simple, lots of casual dresses, tops and jeans.


What’s your take on homosexuality?


Live and let live.

Who’s your favourite female artiste; and why?


I like Dencia because she makes an effort to package herself well. I also like Omawunmi because she has one of the most powerful voices I’ve heard in a while.

Do you have any plan to venture into Nollywood?


Where ever God takes me; but for now no.

Which Nigerian movie(s) do you like watching over and over again?


None. I watch a lot of Yoruba movies though none I would say I have watched over and over again.
Are the female folks more appreciated by men abroad than in Nigeria?


Not necessarily, it depends on the individual.


What are your expectations for 2012?

More success, more focus, more positive news.

Is there any other thing you’ll like to say?


I would like to say a big thanks to everyone out there who has supported me this far. I would also like to encourage all young ladies and guys out there to always keep their head up, work hard and never give up.




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