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A wealthy Nigerian businessman was ‘raped to death’ by five of his wives because he was paying too much attention to the sixth one.

Uroko Onoja from Ogbadibo was having sex with his youngest wife when the remaining five reportedly set upon him with knives and sticks and demanded him to satisfy each of them too.

According to Nigeria’s Daily Post, Onoja, who went on to have intercourse with four of his wives in a marathon sex session, ‘stopped breathing’ as the fifth wife was making her way to the bed, a media outfit reported.

Two women have been arrested in the wake of ‘extraordinary’ incident last week.

The businessman, who is understood to have returned from a bar at around 3 am on Tuesday, headed for the bedroom of his youngest wife.

His other wives, who were said to have held a meeting to discuss their intentions before their husband arrived home allegedly, ambushed Onoja for their conjugal rights.

Although the businessman tried to resist the group’s demand, they eventually overpowered him.

He could not be resuscitated once he stopped breathing during the continuous forced sex session.

His youngest spouse revealed that her five fellow wives ran into the forest when they realized their husband was dead.

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  2. Trouble started on tuesday morning, precisely 3 am when Uroko returned from Ochanja, a popular joint in the small community of Ugbugbu and headed to the room of his youngest wife. The other wives who according to the youngest wife, Odachi had a meeting before Uroko returned home invaded her room with knives and sticks, demanding that their husband have sex with all of them at once. Uroko who resisted their attack was overpowered by the women who ordered that the sex march begin with the youngest wife and to continue in that order to the top.

  3. haba 3 wives.. is that not too much!

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