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A 29-year-old Texas man is suing the makers of VirilisPro for causing his penis to become so erect it fractured during intercourse and now he is unable to have sex or children because of it.

Adrian Carter was a happy and healthy twenty-something before the incident last year at a Houston motel, in which his appendage became engorged and bloody.

He was rushed to the emergency room, where they discovered he required immediate surgery and had to render him infertile and now he wants the company that manufactures VirilisPro to pay.

‘It was pretty horrific to view the pictures,’ Mr Carter’s lawyer, Melissa Moore, told ABC.

‘I know it sounds unusual. He was young and healthy and on no other meds at the time he took the supplement.’

VirilusPro is a a natural supplement that promises to give men a harder erection for natural male enlargement and a more intense orgasm. It also promises to increase stamina and lower recovery time.

Mr Carter’s lawsuit, filed on August 27 in Harris County Court, alleges that the pill is ‘defective and unreasonably dangerous for use by consumers.’

According to the suit, obtained by ABC, Mr carter purchased the product in the ‘early morning hours’ at a Chevron gas station on his way to the Scottish Inn, where he was scheduled to meet a ‘paramour’.

When the two had sex, he had ‘significant pain and observed a large quantity of blood squirting out of his penis onto the sheets, walls and mirror.’

He was rushed to the hospitals where doctors had to ‘deglove’ his penis in order to repair it, a procedure that removes the skin of the penis, in order to repair his urethra which had ‘separated completely’, according to the suit.

‘Doctors again warned him that he may never have an erection or be able to father children and his ureters may close, resulting in permanent inability to urinate naturally,’ the suit claims.

Mr Carter wants the drug manufacturer, Haute Health Limited Liability Company, Carney & Carney Financial Services, individuals Michael Heilig and Michael and Tyra Carney, and Solid Rock Worship Company, to pay up.
In addition to his medical expenses, he wants funds for punitive damages, breach of warranty, deceptive trade, mental anguish, pain and suffering and the ‘past and future loss of consortium’.

None of the defendants could be reached for comment.

But leading urologists say it is very unlikely that the pill could have caused such an incident.
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Miss Nwanneka Odah a 16 year-old girl was on Wednesday beheaded by suspected ritual killers at Nawfia Njikoka local government area of Anambra State.

The 16 year-old girl was said to be selling groundnut along Nwafia in Akwa when three young men pretended to buy groundnut from her.

She was beheaded as soon as she bent down to sell to one of them. The suspected ritualist, used the machete to cut her head off.

An Okada man who was around the scene of the killing, rushing to the girl’s rescue, the men ran into the nearby bush.

A relation of the deceased, Mr. Friday Ogalagu described the situation as terrible, lamenting that he had never seen such a thing in his life.

“I was not there when it happened, but I was told that my cousin was stopped by three men who said they wanted to buy groundnuts. While two of them were on the road side, the third, who dressed like a mad man was standing closely.”

Ogalagu said that it was when people began to make inquiries about the parents of the girl that he was contacted.

According to Ogalagu who claimed to have been training the girl since childhood, the girl’s corpse had been deposited at the Amaku General Hospital in Awka, while the parents who live in Ebonyi had been contacted.

Anambra State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Mr. Raphael Uzoigwe, confirmed the incident, saying the matter had been referred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, CID, for investigation.


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Like it has been with all general elections since the advent of democracy, the National Security Adviser (NSA) to the president, Mr Sambo Dasuki, has warned that there could be pre and post violence in the country during the 2015 general elections.

The security adviser based his warning on the prevailing volatile security situation in the country, noting that the violence would come “with a different angle”.

“There could be possible violence but with a different angle to it, not only post-election but before and during, because of the prevailing security situation, unless the security situations get better before then” he stated.

Mr Dasuki made this known on Wednesday at the opening of a two-day workshop with the theme ‘Security Challenges of Election Management: Matters Arising from 2011 and Participating in 2015’, organized by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung Foundation. He called on all security agencies to avoid post-election violence in the country.

According to the retired army Colonel “The competition among politicians may be more intense in 2015; so more tension should be expected.”

“No two elections are the same; 2015 is likely to bring new challenges” observed the NSA, but he however noted that the crises can be averted, “Nigeria can get anything right when there is determination and political will on the part of critical stakeholders to achieve success.”

“There are likely to be challenges, however how well- prepared a country may be, especially in the provision of election security. The unexpected could happen; a good example was the post-election violence, (in 2011), which was not expected, especially in context and magnitude.”

“Thorough preparation and coordination of information, strategies and operations among various security agencies would always be necessary for successful conduct of elections.”

He called for a collaborative effort between the electoral body, security agencies and Nigerians ahead of the general polls, saying “The security agencies, INEC, politicians and the general populace must harmonise their views, be on the same page, as in the case of the 2011 general elections.”

“The election must be free, fair and credible so that Nigeria could get out of a long cycle of disputed and not so credible elections. This was the message drummed into everyone’s ears before the elections” Mr Dasuki affirmed.

He expressed the confidence that the security agencies could avert the crises saying if the agencies “Bring to bear, the same level of commitment, dedication, rehearsals, preparedness, coordination, motivation and attitude to succeed, which I am confident they would, there may not be much problems.”


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A woman has died after being crushed when two window frames fell from a building in central London.

It is understood the woman was hit by the wooden frames of a ground floor window in Hanover Street, Mayfair.

A witness told BBC London the woman was eating her lunch when she was struck on her chest.

London Ambulance and police were called at 11:30 BST. The woman, believed to be in her 20s, was treated at the scene but was pronounced dead by paramedics.

The building, 5 Hanover Square, is a multi-million pound development comprising six floors of office space. The ground floor is in the process of being turned into an art gallery.

Scaffolding was removed from the outside of the building a few weeks ago.

Orla Wojtowitz said it “happened in a second” and it was impossible for the victim to have seen it happen.

“She was just passing and then she was suddenly lying on the pavement,” she added.

Laid flowers

Another witness, Beverley Hazel, said she was on her way to work in nearby Conduit Street at 11:30 BST when she saw a young woman “half lying in the road”.

“A man was saying to her ‘can you hear me?’ but I don’t think there was any response. It had just happened,” she said.

“Then there was a lady who said she was a doctor. She got on with doing CPR and I counted three minutes for her.”

Mrs Hazel, who lives in Kennington Oval, south London, said she believed the victim was hit by two “massive” wooden window frames, measuring about 10ft by 10ft.

“She was very young and slight. I’ve got two daughters, one younger and one older than this woman. I was in bits.

“If it had been my daughter I would have wanted someone with her.

“I went back later to lay some flowers.”

‘Walking around’

Golan Mortuza, who works in the nearby Eat sandwich chain, was on his break when the incident happened. He said paramedics tried to revive the woman for 30 minutes.

“Life is so difficult. She was walking around and then this happened. It could have happened to anyone.”

The Health and Safety Executive is aware of the incident, police said.

London Ambulance said it sent two cycle responders, two ambulance crews and a hazardous area response team and an air ambulance to the scene.

Hanover Square has been closed between Brook Street and St George Street.

Bus routes 8, 25 and 55 have been diverted.


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Nine prisoners have been executed in The Gambia, despite international alarm at an apparent official policy to carry out all death penalties by next month.

The prisoners were shot dead by firing squad on Sunday, the interior ministry said.

President Yahya Jammeh had vowed to kill all 47 death-row inmates by mid-September.

Rights groups and the international community have expressed alarm, calling on Mr Jammeh to halt the executions.

Amnesty International attacked the policy last week when it reported that the executions had been carried out three days earlier.

Many of The Gambia’s death row inmates are former officials and top military officers who have been detained for treason since 1994, when Mr Jammeh took power in a coup.

The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, urged The Gambia to stop the executions immediately.

Eid address

One woman was among those executed, the Interior Ministry said, listing crimes such as murder, treason, arson, drug and human trafficking as being punishable by death.

It was not clear what crimes each of the nine prisoners were executed for.

The death penalty was abolished when former President Dawda Jawara led the country but reinstated in 1995 shortly after Mr Jammeh seized power.

“By the middle of next month, all the death sentences would have been carried out to the letter; there is no way my government will allow 99% of the population to be held to ransom by criminals,” President Jammeh said in a speech, which was broadcast on national television on 19 August, marking the Muslim festival of Eid.

In response, Benin’s President Thomas Boni Yayi, who currently holds the chair of the African Union, sent his foreign minister to The Gambia to warn Mr Jammeh not to carry out any executions.



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David ‘Davido’ Adeleke has made a donation of one million Naira (about GHc12,000) to save Idiagbonya Osarere Debby, a medical technician suffering from 4th grade invasive ductal carcinoma cancer of the breast.

Debby needs about six million Naira for a surgery to remove a fast spreading cancer on her left breast, believed to be also moving to her right breast and neck, with reports that she has only a month to live if the surgery is not done.

According to, a source said Davido, the Dami Duro hit singer, called Debby Monday to make his intention to give the money known. He is believed to have also visited her.

Sources close to the medical technician said preceding Davido’s declaration; Debby had received about 85,000 Naira from benevolent persons for the surgery.

MOM KILLS OWN CHILDREN, EATS THEM UP…she thought they were pigs!

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A mother butchered and ate her two young sons because she hallucinated and thought they were pigs.

The Thai woman allegedly cooked and ate her children, aged one and five, and was found by police sleeping in her home surrounded by their body parts.

The woman, a member of a hill tribe from the mountainous region of Chiang Main near the Burmese border, had been suffering from mental illness since 2007 but had recently stopped taking her medication.

She had been left alone with her sons as her husband left for a few days to get her medication.

He said: “I had to go out of town for a couple of days. I told her that I would bring back the medication she needs.

“I never imagined that something like this would happen.”

Dr Kiattiphum Wongrachit from the Mental Health Department said: “The woman killed her children because she didn’t continue her treatment and didn’t take her medication.”

He added that it is believed that in her hallucinogenic state she thought her children were pigs and that she has yet to realise that she killed her children.

A hospital report from her treatment in 2007 stated that the woman suffered from hallucinations and believed someone was coming to hurt her.
The woman, whose name has not been released for her family’s protection, has been charged with murder, although details of the charge have yet to be released.

She has been deemed mentally unfit to fight her case and has been sent to Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital in Chiang Mai for treatment.




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Approximately 70 million couples experience sub-fertility or infertility worldwide, with 30 to 50 per cent of these cases attributable to the male partner. Some studies, have suggested that human semen quality has declined in industrialised nations, possibly due to pollution, poor lifestyle habits, and/or an increasingly Western-style diet.

One in six couples struggle to conceive, and it is believed that about 40 per cent of these problems are due to problems with the man’s sperm. But for men looking to start a family, what they eat actually matters in achieving this goal. For couples looking to start a family, researchers suggested that daily intake of walnuts might help improve their chances.

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles found that men who ate 75 grammes of walnuts daily, this is about two handfuls’ worth, in addition to their regular diets, had an improvement in semen quality, compared with men who did not eat the nuts. This study is part of a growing body of evidence that men’s dietary and lifestyle choices can affect fertility.

The study included 117 men aged between 21 and 35. About half of the men ate the 75 grammes of walnuts each day for 12 weeks, while the other half ate a normal diet of Western-style food. Before the experiment began and then again 12 weeks later, their semen quality was analysed according to conventional parameters of male fertility, including sperm concentration, vitality, motility, morphology, and chromosome abnormalities.

After 12 weeks, the team found no significant changes in body-mass index, body weight, or activity level in either group. The men consuming walnuts, however, had significantly increased levels of omega-6 and omega-3 (ALA) fatty acids and experienced improvement in sperm vitality, motility, and morphology. Those eating walnuts also had fewer chromosomal abnormalities in their sperm following the walnut dietary intervention. The control group, on the other hand, experienced no changes, they wrote in the journal, Biology of Reproduction.

Walnuts are rich in omega 3 and omega 6, which is also present in oily fish, fish oil supplements and flax seed. Omega 3 and omega 6 are thought to be good for sperm development and function but are lacking in Western diets. It is the only nut with appreciable levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to better sperm quality in prior research.

Meanwhile, walnuts are known for a multitude of other health benefits. Aside boosting fertility, it helps to lower cholesterol levels, protects from breast cancer as well as fights against neurodegenerative disease.


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A 26-year-old woman in Russia stripped off her bra to use it as a murder weapon to strangle her neighbour, according to police.

The unnamed woman, who lives in the city of Zakamensk, attacked her 65-year-old pensioner neighbour because he ‘refused to lend her money for a drinking binge’.

The woman reacted after the neighbour, who is also unnamed, refused to pay for her vodka – and told her that she ‘needed to live in a less debauched way’.

A source at the local branch of the Russian Investigatove Committee in Buryatia said: ‘The young woman then hit him several times, and kicked him… clutching her hands around his throat.’

‘She then took her bra off, and looped it around the man’s neck.’

Police say the man died at the scene and the woman – along with her boyfriend, who had accompanied her to the neighbour’s house and allegedly did nothing to stop his girlfriend – tried to flee after the attack.

Both were arrested near the scene. 

Police say the woman faces up to 15 years in prison.



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Even a misdemeanour such as bedwetting can put a child at risk of being labelled a witch — indeed, as we shall see, it was the fact that he wet himself that sealed Kristy Bamu’s terrible fate.

Likewise, girls from strict religious backgrounds who bring shame on their family honour by adopting Western attitudes have also been forced to undergo exorcism ceremonies where they are beaten and shouted at until they faint  with terror.

Dr Hoskins, an academic who has studied witchcraft for 25 years, gave evidence at the Kristy Bamu murder tria, where he said: ‘Even among educated people in London, I’ve met those who believe in kindoki [as witchcraft is known in central and western Africa] and that it has powers.’

This first caught public attention with the death of eight-year-old Victoria Climbie more than a decade ago in 2000. Victoria was killed in London by her great-aunt and partner, who said the sweet little girl was a witch.

A year later the torso of a five-year-old Nigerian boy, named Adam by police, was found in the River Thames after he was sacrificed. Police believe he was smuggled into Britain and his body parts used in a ritual medical ceremony to save the life of someone in the migrant community who was dying of an incurable disease. 

According to witch doctors, to kill a living person for medicinal purposes is the most empowering form of sacrifice and, the most potent form of all is to kill an innocent child.

In some forms of African witchcraft, heads and other body parts can be buried in front of homes to keep bad spirits at bay. A cup of human blood is said to boost vitality. A powdered concoction made from pieces of brain is believed to lead to riches.

Particularly prized are the genitalia of young boys and virgin girls. If these body parts are cut from a live child they are thought to add even more potency because of the victim’s screams.

That such practices take place overseas has long been known. But now they are happening here after being imported from other countries — and in truth they have been going on for years.

The headless torso of a black baby girl was found hidden in bushes in Epping Forest way back in 1969. Scotland Yard are now reinvestigating her murder and think it may have been the earliest case of a killing linked to African witchcraft on British soil.

The girl’s father, from north-west Africa, quickly became the chief suspect, but fled the country before he could be arrested and questioned. He is alleged to have cut off his daughter’s head, legs and arms during a ritual to bring him luck.

According to police and migrant advisory services, witchcraft ceremonies are spreading because of the increasing number of unregulated back street churches and mosques that have broken away from the mainstream places of worship to cater for millions of new immigrants from Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean countries, providing a link to their birth countries, cultures and customs.

Many of these horrific events are filmed and can be found on videos selling for a couple of pounds in ethnic shops and market stalls in London. What they show is terrified children, accused of witchcraft, being freed of ‘demons’. In one video I bought, a white-robed pastor is shown hitting a five-year-old boy with a long stick as the congregation chants approval.

His mother cries, but is held back from freeing her son because it is thought — by the prayergoers — to be the best thing for the family and their child. They are scenes which police believe are being repeated week after week in cities such as London, Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester.

But where do these cultural practices become blatant child cruelty punishable by the law?

Rachel Takens-Milne, from Trust For London, a charity that works to combat child abuse linked to witchcraft, says that cases such as that of Kristy Bamu are still rare.

But she added: ‘It doesn’t have to be at this extreme to be abuse. Calling a child a witch and publicly humiliating them is itself a form of abuse.’

And, worryingly, Detective Superintendent Terry Sharpe of Scotland Yard says that witchcraft-linked crime is ‘far more prevalent’ in this country than official figures suggest.

‘Children have been physically beaten and forced to drink unknown liquids in rituals to rid them of evil spirits. They have been starved and deprived of sleep.

‘Children have been blindfolded and had their hair cut off. They have had liquid poured on their genitals and been murdered,’ he said after the Kristy case.

So what of this innocent boy’s killers, the couple who appeared to be pillars of their local community? At the time Eric Bikubi and Magalie Bamu were busy renovating their London flat and would talk on the stairways to neighbours who thought they were a perfectly ordinary and loving couple.

Five years earlier, Bikubi had even served as a community adviser on child protection issues in the London borough of Camden.

To his family and friends, he was a talkative man, mad about football, who had trials for Arsenal and claimed to have played alongside John Terry. As for Magalie, she tied back her long hair, dressed with some style and had loved her job at Marks & Spencer.

But behind closed doors, the couple could not have been more different from this presentable image. Bikubi, in fact, had a long history of petty fraud and a conviction for carrying a knife on the street.

He also had an obsession with sorcery, which he shared with Magalie. He told police his ‘battle against witchcraft’ began in earnest when he travelled to Britain to escape the civil war in his native Democratic Republic of Congo aged eight.

Brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness and baptised into the Roman Catholic Church, he was himself accused of being a witch as a child and cast out of his family. His belief in witchcraft was so deeply ingrained that once, when he was in prison awaiting trial, he picked a fight with another inmate and was found licking blood from the man’s injured face.

It was to this murderous man’s home that an unwitting Kristy Bamu and his siblings were sent by their parents from their family home in Paris for a few days over Christmas in 2010.

His sisters, aged 20 and 11, were beaten along with Kristy, but escaped further attacks after ‘confessing’ to being witches. Two other boy relatives, aged 13 and 22, were made to join in the torture.

A nervous teenager, Kritsy wet himself during the visit and suddenly he was accused by Bikubi and Magalie of being a witch and bringing voodoo in the couple’s home. 

Bikubi forced Kristy to pray for deliverance for three days and nights without food and water.
The boy had a metal bar shoved in his mouth, he was struck in the face with a hammer and his teeth were knocked out. One of his brothers was forced to stand guard so he could not escape, while some of his siblings were made to mop up his blood.


He begged for forgiveness during his ordeal, and even confessed to being a witch to try to save his own life. All to no avail. When Kristy died he had more than 130 dreadful injuries on his body. His face was unrecognisable and pounded to a pulp.

Savagely killed by an evil couple in the name of witchcraft, it seems certain he will not be the last child to be maimed or die.

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