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Politicians: Patrons of Promiscuity?

Incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan Allegedly in a romp with Alison Madueke-Dizeani’s sister; might also be enjoying some good luck with some invisible but present women
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo Said to be popular with women and prolific in sexual relations; his alleged biggest romp was said to involve a daughter-in-law –he’s yet to deny this
Sani Yerima Best known for “acquiring” a child-bride at the cost of N15million; reportedly had to divorce another of his child brides, a 15-year old in order to marry the Egyptian minor.
Ibrahim Babangida Owned up to yester-years of philandering in company of his pal, Segun Osoba
Segun Osoba Has his wife to thank after a long spell of philandering and clubbing, earning him the sobriquet “Ladies man”
James Ibori, former Governor of Delta state An ex-top dog of PDP that hitherto seemed untouchable is now cooling off his heels in foreign prison along with his wife and beloved mistress
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former IMF Chief Despite a wonderful professional career his life episodes have always been punctuated by philandering and attempted rapes; got booted out of office for the seven-minute romp scandal with a hotel maid in the US
Silvio Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy Said to visit with underage prostitutes, recruiting escorts from Europe, harassing policewomen, and organising “bunga-bunga” parties. Has had a long sordid history of sex scandals and accusations of impropriety
  1. What of Limpball’s rampant promiscuity? A Viagra script in someone else’s name? What did Rush’s mommy have to say?

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