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A 26-year-old woman in Russia stripped off her bra to use it as a murder weapon to strangle her neighbour, according to police.

The unnamed woman, who lives in the city of Zakamensk, attacked her 65-year-old pensioner neighbour because he ‘refused to lend her money for a drinking binge’.

The woman reacted after the neighbour, who is also unnamed, refused to pay for her vodka – and told her that she ‘needed to live in a less debauched way’.

A source at the local branch of the Russian Investigatove Committee in Buryatia said: ‘The young woman then hit him several times, and kicked him… clutching her hands around his throat.’

‘She then took her bra off, and looped it around the man’s neck.’

Police say the man died at the scene and the woman – along with her boyfriend, who had accompanied her to the neighbour’s house and allegedly did nothing to stop his girlfriend – tried to flee after the attack.

Both were arrested near the scene. 

Police say the woman faces up to 15 years in prison.


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